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City of Victoria Declares Housing as a Human Right!

The Victoria City Council has adopted this omnibus housing advocacy motion with the leadership of councillors Jeremy Loveday and Ben Isitt. The City will be making a suite of requests to the provincial and federal governments in respect to action on housing affordability.

Some highlights include:

-Advocating for the incorporation of the right to housing into Canadian law, advancing legislation, programs and resources that guarantee the right to housing as recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, international agreements to which Canada is a signatory.

-Extend Vacancy Taxation Authority to local governments, providing communities with the discretion to decide whether to introduce an additional tax to discourage vacant and derelict buildings, and encourage the occupancy, maintenance, and improvement of buildings to address housing affordability and public safety.

-Amend the Residential Tenancy Act and provide additional resources to the Residential Tenancy Branch to strengthen protections for renters facing rent increases and “renovictions” and “demovictions.”

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