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Tenant Reading and discussion Salon

TRADS is VTAG's bimonthly reading and discussion group centred around issues of housing justice.

Each meeting features one or two short readings which is introduced and summarized by a facilitator before opening up the conversation to group discussion. Every renter has valuable knowledge and experience we can learn from, so even if you can’t complete the reading beforehand, we hope you’ll join us! 

While the Covid crisis continues, this reading group will meet online.

Trads sept 16

Student Housing

With the start of the new academic year, we want to highlight the challenges faced by students. The severe lack, excessive costs, and the often-poor quality of off-campus housing of both on and off-campus housing and are challenges students share with renters across the region. However, students also face their own particular challenges dealing either dealing with their school as their landlord or facing discrimination in housing because of prejudices against student renters. VTAG and UVicTAG work together to build the capacity of all renters in the fight for greater housing justice.

This week, we will read and discuss three short readings addressing the student housing crisis in Victoria and consider what we can learn from student housing activism elsewhere:

1. Katherine Decoste, “UVic Students Scramble to Find September Housing,” The Martlet (Aug 12, 2021).
2. Jacklin Kwan, “Looking Back at the University Rent Strikes,” Mancunian Matters (Jan 25, 2021).


If you have time, have a look at the  “Key Findings,” in Victoria’s Student Housing Crisis (VIPIRG, 2017), pp.9-16. In just a few graphs, they help show the scale of the challenge student renters face.

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