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This year, due to safety measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Victoria Tenant Action Group (VTAG) will be holding our Annual General Meeting virtually via Zoom. 


Please check out this video tutorial for information on joining a zoom meeting.

You can find our agenda and community agreement here.


Our meeting will be held on December 15 at  7:00 PM. 

Please log in to our meeting 15 minutes early to account for potential technical issues.




We are advising people to pre-register (RSVP) for our AGM by emailing us at  Meeting materials will be posted on our website. Please download these materials in advance to ensure that you have a copy for the AGM.


For those who have registered, an email will be sent a couple of days in advance of the AGM. The email will contain:

  • Information about technical aspects, such as how to connect and what to do in case of technical problems

  • Key documents

  • A request for confirmation regarding voting and membership status



We will keep track of who is in the room by using a waiting room. For people who arrive in our waiting room with their name displayed, we will check you off on our attendee list as we let you into the meeting. To the others, we will send a personal chat message asking for your name. 

Because it is important for us to be able to quickly identify who is a voting member, who is a non-voting member, and who is not, the meeting host will change participants’ display names as while you are in the waiting room. We will add a prefix for voting members (V), non-voting members (NV) and for board members (VB). 




We will have people on mute by default, as we ask people to stay on mute unless they are speaking. 

Please keep your camera on during our meeting.

If you want to say something, (eg. if you have a question, a response to a motion, or a nomination for the Board) please write it in the chat. We will have someone assigned to monitor the chat and your communication will be read aloud to everyone present. 

To prevent confusion, we ask that participants refrain from using the chat except for matters directly related to the AGM agenda. All questions unrelated to motions will be answered after the AGM. Please note that the chat is not private.

If you are having technical issues, please send a private message to VTAG tech support using the chat feature.

We will have 1 host and 2 co-hosts. This allows us to have two people doing back end tech support and the Chair to have more power to do things like screen share, which we restricted to only hosts. 

At the beginning of the meeting we will review how to:

  • Write in the chat

  • Mute and unmute yourself

  • Write a private message to VTAG tech support 



To ‘first’ or ‘second’ a motion, please write ‘first’ or ‘second’ in the chat. This way we avoid the risk of audio challenges and members speaking over each other. 

For our virtual AGM we will be using the Poll Feature to Vote. 

To ensure that only voting members vote in a poll, we will be using the breakout room feature to send our non-voting members and non-members to a separate room while we let the members vote. After the vote takes place we will return everyone to the main room and announce the results of the vote. In addition to being recorded in the minutes, a screenshot of the poll results will be taken as evidence of the vote.

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with this document! We look forward to seeing you at the AGM!

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