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Membership Structure

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Working Groups

  • Peer Support

  • Communications

  • Tenant Local Organizing

  • Non-RTA

  • Membership

  • Fundraising

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Membership Structure

Members are made up of a community of renters and allies. Members are organized into 3 categories: supporter, volunteer, and organizer.


You can become a member by downloading this form and emailing it to us here or bringing it to our next event. We ask our members to provide a sliding scale membership fee upon joining. Our suggested membership fee formula is $1/$1000 of your annual income. Anyone who cannot afford this fee is welcome to join at no fee, but those who can afford to pay are encouraged to do so. Members must agree to uphold our Basis of Unity, Anti-discrimination and Harassment policy, and Code of Conduct.


Any member is eligible to be a supporter, including homeowners. Supporters are added to our mailing list to receive updates, events, and general call-outs for support. In this role, members can show their support through: promoting our events and support call-outs in their networks via email or social media, becoming a monthly donor, attending events, and responding to support call-outs. Supporters are invited to participate in our yearly AGM, although voting at the AGM is reserved for non-homeowners. Supporters who would like to get more involved with VTAG can become volunteers.


Any supporter is eligible to be a volunteer by filling out the volunteer application attached to our membership form and emailing it to us at To become a volunteer, a supporter is required to participate in a volunteer orientation session and must agree to uphold our Basis of Unity, Anti-discrimination and Harassment policy, and Code of Conduct. A volunteer role could look like many things, including: graphic design, preparing outreach/educational materials, handing out flyers, postering, tabling at community events, canvassing, research, helping with VTAG events, etc. Volunteers can choose to be a general volunteer or volunteer with a specific working group. Volunteering is an opportunity to build relationships with VTAG members and with the work we do, so that we can get to know you and so you can get to know the organization.


After a period of time volunteering with VTAG, non-homeowners who are interested in taking on more responsibility can talk to a member of the Board about becoming an Organizer. This decision is based on the volunteer’s demonstrated ability to uphold the shared agreements, as well as their interest, capacity, and aptitude. Organizers are the people who make things happen in VTAG, by coordinating activities through involvement in one or more Working Groups (WG) or a Tenant Local Union (TLU). Previous skills or experience are not necessary to become an Organizer.  We offer support and opportunities to foster organizing skills and knowledge.

Do you have a particular skill set that might be helpful? Are you interested in joining a passionate group of organizers? Let us know by emailing us here

Organizing Structure

Working Groups

VTAG is organized into many Working Groups that each have a specific focus. Organizers can choose to join one or more Working Groups according to their area of interest. Different Working Groups require different levels of commitment according to their focus. Within each Working Group, one or more Organizer(s) may choose to join the Steering Committee as a Working Group Representative. 

Tenant Local Unions

Coming soon!

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of Working Group Representatives.The Steering Committee meets every two weeks to check in with the leaders of other committees and decide how VTAG will provide support, foster solidarity, and promote social change in the region’s housing environment.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (the Board) is responsible for overseeing the general operations of VTAG, including organizational planning, managing resources, and coordinating membership in ways which uphold our values, constitution, and by-laws. The Board must be comprised of 3-11 members, and includes the positions of Chair of Internal Operations, Treasurer, and Chair of Membership, as well as Directors at Large. The Board is elected or appointed at the yearly VTAG AGM by voting members. In the event that a vacancy is created during the Board term, the Board may appoint a member to fill the vacancy until the next AGM.

Have your v0ice Heard:

In Person

Attend your local city council meetings. Keep an eye on upcoming agendas to see what housing related topics will be discussed and sign up as a speaker.


Saanich Schedule & Agendas

Esquimalt Schedule & Agendas

City of Victoria Schedule & Agendas


Like & follow VTAG on Facebook and share our content with your network. 

Call your local MLA

Ask them to prioritize tenant rights.

Victoria-Beacon Hill: 

(250) 952-4211

Oak-Bay Gordon Head:

(250) 472-6163

Victoria Swan Lake:



(250) 952-5885

Saanich North and the Islands:

(250) 655-5600

Saanich South:

(250) 479-4154

By Email

The Federal Government recently released a National Housing Strategy. You can read it here, and tell the Minister of Housing what you think by emailing here. 

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